Hi there 👋

This Blog is about my current research. Here you can find my 📜 resume. Previously I worked for Loodse/Kubermatic GmbH to build Kubermatic, a Kubernets centric distributed Kubernetes Engine. Later I interned at Google to work with Ahmet, building Krew the kubectl plugin manager. In my PhD, I am focusing on parallel computing using novel AI/ML hardware accelerators.

Super Srt

During my short time as a developer visiting different companies, I have observed the use of various short-linkers for information sharing. Finally, using such a tool at Google increased my productivity a lot. Think of short links on steroids; instead of using other link services like “bit.ly” or “goo.gl” you can have links like g/ for github.com or m/ for your mail. To get this productivity everywhere, I have built a chrome extension that adds this functionality to your browser instead of setting up a private DNS....

August 13, 2018 · 3 min · Luk Burchard

Krew the Kubectl Plugin Manager

This summer I had an internship at Google, and it was awesome! I worked on an open source project, which is now called “krew” a kubectl plugin manager. I use krew to discover and install new plugins to my system. You should also start to use a kubectl plugin manager because manual installation of plugins is annoying. A small screencast demo of krew Kubectl Plugins! If you had asked me 4 months before I wrote this, I would not be able to say if kubectl plugins exist....

August 8, 2018 · 4 min · Luk Burchard

Mirage OS

This is a cross port from the mirgaeOS Blog. We have been on a hack retreat in Morocco to work on an OCaml unikernel Operating System. Go to the official mirageOS Blog to read more amazing articles. Original Post “Let’s make operating systems great again” – with this in mind we started our trip to Marrakech. But first things first: we are two first year computer science students from Berlin with not a whole lot of knowledge of hypervisors, operating systems or functional programming....

August 3, 2018 · 3 min · Luk Burchard