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Hello Reader, this shall be the introduction to my blog.
As with every Software Engineer at some point in his life, I’d like to share my experience working in academia and the industry. I hope that someone will read this and learn from my failures and success.

This Article covers no critical topic, so feel free to just skip it.

Maybe some content

As you might have noticed this blog looks unusual. It does not have lots of styling nor colors. I’m a big fan of plain-no-CSS websites. These websites work well on phones, despite their appearance. Let’s be honest here most sites look fancy at first, but it’s complicated to read longer texts on them. I’d like to have an elegant theme, but I think that this will destroy the reader experience in the long run. I love the Swiss or International font Style from the 1920’s. To give it a modern touch I’ll use this style for headers. I want the readability of TeX documents, which I miss on many Websites.  Thus I’ve chosen a Serif font for the text corpus. Serifs are easy to read, and we have reached a point where displays have enough DPI to make serifs useful in the web. I’m currently thinking of creating a dark theme optimized for the rising fleet of OLED devices.


At the point of writing, I have just finished my internship at Google, and I’m currently unemployed. I’m going back to Berlin to complete my B.Sc in CS at the TUB.

I started working at Loodse 2 years ago where I helped to build a Kubernetes scheduler that runs on Kubernetes. It is an enterprise-targeted product that can spin up hundreds of Kubernetes clusters. We used the underlying Kubernetes cluster as a layer of abstraction.

After Loodse I got an internship at Google in Seattle. For my project, I created krew, a kubectl plugin manager. Krew is its own project, and I’ll cover it in a separate post (I finally have a place to do this!).

My first development setup in highschool was a Gentoo machine (Someone trolled me hard). It took me 3 weeks to set it up. Oh boy, don’t get me started on Xconfig’s. Apparently, I also had an Optimus laptop, which made things a lot harder.

As a quick fix, I used no X server and purely used the TTY with xterm (Awesome times, I only used 40mb of my 8gb RAM!).

Around that time I also joined the CCC to learn more about the tech culture! I’m still a member, and you can find me at several CCC related events!

After I had enough of waiting 3 hours every week to compile updates I switched to Arch. After I also had enough of maintaining an Arch distro, I realized that I just want to work productively. Having a highly customized system is super fun but at the same time not really convenient in the longer run (This is a very personal opinion). Instead of having to deal with ppa’s I switched to a system that has homebrew, which I really love because of its convenient UX, AUR like community and similarities to Gentoo’s emerge.

I hope I entertained you for a minute, see you next time!